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This notice pertains to the data handling and processing that Overseer Ltd carries out for the mobile application Deals in Places (dip). This makes Overseer Ltd a Data Controller. A Data Controller is the person, group or organisation that collects and manages data that pertains to data subjects. A data subject is the individual that data pertains to.

Deals in Places, also known by the acronym dip, is the mobile application owned and operated by Overseer Ltd. Throughout this document, this mobile application is referred to as “the application”, “the app”, “Deals in Places” and “dip”. Overseer Ltd is referred to as “we”.

Overseer Ltd is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR was approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016 and came into force on 25 May 2018. The focus of the legislation is the strengthening and unifying of data protection for all data subjects.

Defining data

Personal Data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. Although not an exhaustive list, some examples of Personal Data may include:

Application users

Application users are the individuals that use dip to obtain vouchers and discounts.

Why we collect data

We require some data from app users in order for dip to function correctly. Without this data, the app would not work as specified and the user experience would be greatly diminished. We limit the data that we collect to the absolute minimum of what we require.

Application user accounts

In order to process a dip user accounts we collect:

You are not required to provide your gender if you prefer not to. However the deals found on dip are more tailored to you if you do. You are required to provide your age. This is because some content found on dip is specifically for certain age groups. In some instances, we are obliged by various laws to ensure such content is not displayed to an inappropriate age group.

If the application users chooses to create a dip user account through Apple Sign In, Facebook or Google we collect their email from these parties with the user’s consent. This data is not accessible by dip partners or other dip users.

Location data (geolocation)

The application’s primary value is to allow users to find vouchers and discounts based on their location. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that we collect your location data. Application users must give consent to be geolocated in order to avail of dip’s free service. Deals in Places, with your consent, accesses your approximate or precise location, depending on the technology in your device. This data is not shared with other dip users.

Deals in Places partners

Deals in Places partners are the individuals and businesses that advertise their vouchers and discounts on the application.

Why we collect data

We require data for the purposes of creating a dip business account. Without it this data, we would be unable to offer dip’s services to the dip partner.

Deals in Places business accounts

In order to process dip business accounts we collect:

Who we share data with

We may share data with third-party Data Controllers and/or Data Processors should we have a legitimate reason to do so. A Data Processor is a person or group that processes data on behalf of the Data Controller. Data Controllers and Data Processors are both liable for the handling of a Data Subject’s information. We rely on the help of these third-parties to help us run our business. We also work with third-party researchers that wish to analyse the collective interest categories and movement behaviour of certain demographics of dip users. The data that we do share this way is used to identify patterns, not individuals. We take all third-parties through a strict vetting process and only share data when we are satisfied that they take the data protection of dip users and dip partners as seriously as we do. Although we share data with such parties, we do not share identifiable data with them. However, should you be suspected of committing an offence against other dip users, dip partners or us, we may pass your personal data to the relevant user, governing body or authority.

Your rights

We accept and support your rights under the GDPR. If you are not familiar with your rights you can learn more about by visiting

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This privacy notice was last updated on 05/02/2020.